Speaking Truth – Nov. 15th, 2017

Jordan B. Peterson points out that the fundamental pillar of western civilization is speaking truth. Actually, no. He says that Jesus is speaking truth, that he is a meta-hero. Dr. Peterson isn’t a Christian it seems, but he’s on a relentless quest for truth, which leads directly to Jesus since he is the truth.

My students told me near the beginning of this semester when I polled them that they wanted to learn about American culture, music, movies and more. So this semester, I’ve mainly focused on the topics I care about, and framed them in terms of what my students said they wanted to learn. This week I’ve focused on the topic of “speaking truth.”

I told them some key points in the buildup to an understanding of this.

  1. People become what they worship.
  2. Worship is spending time and attention on something (or someone).
  3. Speaking truth brings light.
  4. Light dissipates darkness.
  5. If the lights were turned off, and the blinds were drawn, it would be darker in this classroom, and then it would be easier for people to do evil things, because it would be harder to see them.
  6. If I had food on my face, would I want you to tell me? Yes. If you speak truth to me, then I know about the food on my face and can remove it.
  7. If I saw someone take a bag of M & Ms and put it into their pocket, then when they went to the checkout counter and didn’t pay for them, would that person have darkness in their pocket? Yes, because they would be stealing, and stealing is dark.
  8. If I spoke truth to the grocery store manager, telling him that that person had a bag of M & M’s in their pocket that they didn’t pay for, would I be bringing light to that person, and to the pocket in which the M & M’s are?
  9. If I spoke truth and brought light to the darkness in the pocket of the person with the M & M’s, would that person be happy with me?
  10. Would that person be angry with me?
  11. Would that person want to hurt me?
  12. Would that person’s feelings matter? No. Bringing light by speaking truth to their pocket would still be necessary, regardless of how that person felt.
  13. Speaking truth may bring hurt, but it doesn’t bring harm.
  14. Just as a doctor would operate to remove cancer by hurting, but not harming someone, speaking truth brings light and can cause hurt, but not harm, to remove darkness and corruption.
  15. Speaking truth is the pillar of western culture and government.
  16. We, the people of the west, worship speaking truth. Speaking truth is core to the way Americans behave in movies, music, government, and education.
  17. However, speaking truth is not a western idea. It originated in Asia, with a man and a group of people who were willing to die before they would stop speaking truth.
  18. This group of people, committed to speaking truth, has grown and is now all over the world.

Of course, with my students, I leave out names and places like Jesus and Christians, but it is true. Jews are not western. They are Asian, which is a convenient truth to bring to light in regards to the way Chinese think of Christianity (as a western religion, except it’s not). It’s an Asian religion, ethnically and historically speaking. Jesus is from Asia.

I’m trying to put a holy worm in their ear in order to meddle with the their sense of commonality. People, for better or worse, identity with like kind and avoid the unfamiliar. China has a long hate/love relationship with foreigners. It was hundreds of years ago with China took a sudden shift and burned or left to rot its’ exploratory ships, apparently quite large for the day. They turned inward. My opinion as to why? I think it’s a spiritual cause, at it’s root, demonic. Chinese people have worshiped demons for hundreds of years, under the guise of ancestral worship, their national animal is the dragon (the Biblical symbol for satan), and one of their lucky numbers is 666. I believe the enemy has made every attempt to introduce paranoia, neuroticism, witchcraft, and idol worship to China to keep Chinese people in bondage.

They are geared to repell, and the same goes for Christianity. But I figure if I can put it into their minds that Christianity was born in Asia, which is speaking truth, perhaps the seed of what created the moral foundations of America will do the same for China.


2 thoughts on “Speaking Truth – Nov. 15th, 2017

  1. My gosh, Levi, this one was packed with meaning, from start to finish, like a bomb. I like it very much. Wow, about the part that Jesus, Christianity, and Truth started in Asia. I had never thought of that. But, as it has been so aptly put, this is where the Chain of Christianity began. What a great way to be reaching out to your students….and teach them English, too! Way to go!

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