Poverty Culture – Jesus Facts – The Enemy and Psychology – Nov. 13th, 2017

I’ve just started reading Black Rednecks and White Liberals by Thomas Sowell, which is already turning into a fascinating read. Even though I’m only pages into it, it charts the ethnic and cultural immigration of poor English, Scottish, and Irish cracker and redneck cultures into America, including the American south, prior to the 19th century. Since my ethnicity is German, Irish, English, Scottish, and Cherokee Indian, I’m eager to learn about my ancestors and their culture. Based on the kind of mores that I’ve observed intrinsically and culturally in my culture, it wouldn’t surprise me if there is a great link between those most impoverished and less educated of those immigrants from pre-education England, and myself. I’m really looking forward to untying the knots of the questions of my life by learning about the history of impoverished immigrants from England. By noticing patterns in history as connected to the present day, I often have epiphanies which help to inform present decision making, and I think this book will be no exception, as Thomas Sowell’s writing is extremely well researched.

I’m reading The Case for Christ, and it’s shifting my deepest insecurities about my Christian faith and the existence of Jesus Christ. Hearing the factual basis for the existence and divinity of Jesus is flying in the face of the accusations of mythologizing that American media and culture, and Atheism, have thrown at him. One would think there were barely any evidence for the existence, let alone the deity of Jesus, and that person would be dead wrong. Embarrassingly wrong.  We have strong, documented, eye-witness evidence of Jesus to within 30 years of his life, and substantial corroborative evidence from Josephus and other sources. Where I’ve felt insecure in the factual basis for Jesus, those insecurities are being removed and it feels so good to know facts about him, and to have a historic in addition to supernatural basis for my belief.

Tonight, I’ve taken the Understand Myself assessment by Jordan Peterson and others. It’s helped me to understand the Big 5 components of my personality in relation to other men and women, and their relationship to my political leanings. It’s also helped me to understand the degree to which I’d let Neuroticism into my life, and enabled me to begin to spiritually remove it through prayer. The Enemy constantly tries to supplant my God given identity and personality traits with Neuroticism, in order psychologically undermine me. So when I notice character traits that aren’t in line with my identity as God’s son, in the image if Jesus Christ, and that are out of line with the fruit of the Spirit, it is a strong indicator that either I’m not practicing the habits that strengthen my spirit (and psyche), or that the Enemy has psychologically supplanted who God’s made me to be with certain forms of evil, or both. Since the Enemy can only work in my soul and body, then it behooves me to cultivate a lifestyle of psychological and physical awareness of the indicators of my personal well-being, to stay on guard, and to listen carefully to the Holy Spirit as he helps me dodge the Enemies devices and delivers me from his schemes and strategies. The last thing the Enemy wants is for the children of God to become aware of how he is working in their personalities, at the conscious and subconscious levels to steal, kill, destroy, and control them. He is an expert at button pushing, and strategically inserting himself into the lives of children and adults in an attempt to supplant their conscious need and sensitivity to him and to God. The Enemy knows that if he can get people, whether consciously or subconsciously, to depend on him for their emotional well-being, he can effectively steer the entire ship and keep them in bondage  and control without their knowledge. It’s fascinating yet heartbreaking to watch people struggling under the yokes of the Enemy, whether psychologically or physically, knowing the real cause, and yet, because of the entrenched worldview of naturalism and materialism common in western cultures, and the subconscious fear of spiritual warfare in churches, to feel extremely hesitant to bring it to light. Except in extreme circumstances, I’ve found it more prudent to focus on keeping my own house in order so I can be the change I want to see in the world, or rather, that Jesus wants to see in me. I have a feeling that simply living in the freedom of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Father as it relates to my spirit, soul, mind, body, heart, will, and emotions, relationships, career, and more, is a large part of my purpose on earth.


One thought on “Poverty Culture – Jesus Facts – The Enemy and Psychology – Nov. 13th, 2017

  1. I wish Thomas’ commentaries were still used on the editorial page of the Record Searchlight. It USED to be there every week, back in the 1980s, along with Dave Berry. That’s when the paper was conservative. Oh, well. Thomas is a good writer; sorry to see him getting so old; I’d rather see him around for many more decades; he has such common sense. I’m sure the book, A Case for Christ is right up the alley of apologetics; and it can only give more ammunition, when debating. I have Josephus and Eusebius; good stuff! I like reference books. As for the personality assessment; yeh, it takes only the human element in order to be useful to satan. Authority was taken back from him, and given to humans. So that’s whose ear he whispers into, in order to kill, steal, and destroy illegally. We must be vigilantly aware of our feelings and emotions; not to let them run rampant, but through Christ, be discerning always, aware, wise and self-controlled. God bless!

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